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Looking for a college/university that is the right fit for you can be challenging.  We have listed your college options in California to the left.  Take a moment to learn about what your options are and see if that college is the right fit for you:

For each system of higher education in California you can learn:

  • Pros and Cons: the positive and negative aspects of that system as it pertains to AB 540 enrollment
  • Getting In: Admissions Requirements for freshman and transfer students
  • What colleges are near Santa Barbara county
  • Paying for school: what, if any, financial aid options are open to you
  • Who can help?: Finding a contact in the local area who can help you through admissions and enrollment on that college campus.
  • Colleges " Friendly" to AB 540 Students; please click on this link :ccctransfer.org/sites/default/files/documents/ab540%20forms/Colleges%20%27Friendly%27%20for%20UDS.pdf
Good Luck!
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