AB 540 Coalition
The College Dream Initiative
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Resources for students, educators, and parents:
         **Please note that some resouce guides were written before this year. We encourage you to double check contact information for organizations/individuals on Google and other search engines.
                   California Non-Resident Tuition Exemption: CC's, UC's, and CSU's

                    Researched Information on Admission, Financial Aid/ Scholarships, and Support Organizations                     Legislation, College, FUNDRAISING  (Pg. 11-15: Sample Funding Request Letter/ Letter of Support)
                    AB540 Resource Guide: Financial Aid/ Scholarships, Support Groups, Know Your Rights, Take Action, Tips, Application Process, General Information
                    Legislation, Testimonies/ Stories
                     Resources & Information for Legislation, College, Life After College, and Support 
                     Recursos y Información para la legislación, la universidad, vida después del colegio, y el apoyo de organizaciónes para l@s estudiantes indocumentad@s  

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